Green Hermitage
Livelihoods | Skill Development

Livelihood Creation

We work with community-based artisans who have been a part of the industry for decades. We ensure that they receive fair wages and safe working conditions since most of these artisans faced a particularly hard time during the pandemic. With the rise of Green Hermitage, there is a new beginning of work, to share their skills with consumers. Not only are they able to apply what they know, but are evolving with new sustainable methods of making products, keeping high standards of ethics, being conscious about waste management and giving better than ever quality products.

Youth Driven & Skill Development

We are working with young and upcoming designers who are consciously working towards integrating sustainability in design. We follow a four-pronged approach of reusability/recyclability, biodegradable, refurbished and low carbon footprint in all our processes and materials. With every product, every new material, every design, each pillar of the four pronged approach is deeply thought through, and the design team brings out a product designed to echo our thought of conscious luxury.