Circular Economy Model

Product Lifecycle: We understand how our planet has come under a constant stress for resources and the need to go into hyper production to meet our demands. Green Hermitage recognizes this stress and focuses on a thorough and effective lifecycle assessment of our products.

EXTRACT: We use natural materials that are sourced sustainably without any impact to the soil or natural ecosystem around it.

MAKE: We use non-polluting and non-emitting methods to make handcrafted products from natural materials.

REUSE: Wherever possible we reuse leftover scraps or refurbish old parts and make new and high quality products.

REGENERATE: If for any reason we are unable to reuse or recycle any material, we make sure that it naturally breaks down and adds to soil nutrient value. We put thought and think through each step, each thread, each movement of ours that involves the natural environment.

Plant-derived materials

The idea behind using sustainable materials focuses on how we wish to care for our natural environment and yet meet the needs of the current generation. With climate change as the biggest threat to our sustnenance, we ensure that our leather is derived naturally from different varieties of plants and there is no harm to the animal life in the surrounding areas. These plants have lower water requirements and are able to restore soil nutrients even in the most degraded land. We focus on the harvesting methods, supply chain and also if the materials are able to pass quality and sustainability checks, and finally get certified as per the standards. Other than leather, the other materials used in our products are recycled thread made out of a variety of materials, rust proof metal parts and lining made out of hemp, another sustainable material.

Non-polluting methods

Organic Dyeing: We use organic plant-based sources to dye our materials. We use undyed materials wherever possible to line our products, however to keep an elevated luxury aesthetic, we dye our fabrics with the most organic and natural dyes made from fruits, vegetables and plants. The dyes are resistant to any bleeding, fading, discolouration and the tensile strength of the natural fabric is maintained even after the dyeing process.

Slow Fashion

No factories! No mass production! No fast fashion!While there is competition and a race all around us to produce more, sell faster, exploit resources to get the most value, we as a brand have consciously chosen to stay out of the race. We believe that the natural ecosystem, hand-made products, and unique and sustainable designs are to be enjoyed for years and celebrate the natural origins of your product. Therefore, all our products are made by hand, thoughtfully and with careful detail to each stitch and hem, they are made in minimal numbers for our artisans to put together each piece carefully, and to avoid any wastage of materials since each material sourced is a precious gift of mother nature.