Founder & CEO

Gayatri Varun

Gayatri has an experience of over 8 years working in the climate change and sustainable development space. She has been a passionate advocate of climate change for a decade now. She always wanted to focus on how urban masses approached consumption and to create a transition towards conscious consumerism and minimalism through sustainable products. She studied law and completed her MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development. She has ever since worked in the social impact sector, and managed climate change campaigns pan India. Through Green Hermitage, she aims to create a change in ideology and purchasing patterns to more ethical products.

Co-Founder & COO

Anubhav Pratap Rai

Anubhav has a specialised degree in Engineering and has a strong and keen interest in finance. While Anubhav does come from a different background, he brings the most diverse perspective to the team, is able to visualise the brand in an unconventional way and brings in innovation to every facet of operations.He has over 15 years of work experience and is able to bring his knowledge, experience and immense but effective management skills to the team.Anubhav enjoys reading, travelling and exploring new theories and innovation in both business technology and finance.

Design & Production Associate

S. Joyce Soren

Joyce has an advanced degree in design and strongly believes that sustainability in design is the future of fashion and lifestyle products. Joyce is a designer from NIFT, New Delhi. She specializes in designing bags and accessories. Working with the concept of sustainability has helped her have new experience in this field of industry. She is committed to growing along with sustainable fashion and believes that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. She has contributed to the brand through her designs work and by visually examining the overall production process. Working with Green Hermitage has helped her grow professionally and she wishes to continue that in the near future.In her leisure, Joyce enjoys astronomy, movies and music.



We work with a team of artisans who were either left unemployed or faced losses during the pandemic. They are able to be gainfully employed while also learning about new sustainable methods of production and using ethically sourced materials, adding to their knowledge and keeping them inspired to learn and grow with us.

Chief Brotherhood Officer


Max, our Chief Brotherhood Officer, heads our Oreo-Sniper Animal Welfare Fund to further our goals for animal safety and to ensure their well-being in non-domestic environments.


Amy Singh

Amy was one of the key designers with Green Hermitage for our very first collection. An accessory designer from NIFT, Mumbai, she was one of the creative minds behind the beautiful aesthetics, unique embroidery patterns and out of the box designs for the premier collection for Green Hermitage. She is an art fanatic, a film geek and a travel enthusiast. Design for her is a perfect blend of aesthetics, color palettes and functionality.