We as a team have set out on an overambitious mission to create a brand that works towards 100% sustainability each moment the brand lives on. The team rises each day to transition our practices to 100% sustainability while also balancing the artisanal luxury of our products. We strive to make the finest sustainable handbags to give you the experience of what luxury feels when it has been made in harmony with our natural environment. And while we do that, we are also creating an ecosystem of "Partners in Sustainability" which includes our artisans, the people we procure our raw materials from and the methods we as brand use to create the most unique and environmentally-safe products.


Our brand's mission is to inspire and empower people to lead the way to a sustainable future and encourage a positive change. Not only for our consumers, but even our colleagues and artisans are learning, growing and evolving around new concepts of sustainability. New and evolving sustainable materials are paving the way for us to be more grateful to the natural environment. Sometimes this is a challenge for our artisans and us, but by integrating sustainable methodologies into their craftsmanship they are very quickly able to appreciate the merits of sustainability and their evolving capabilites. We understand that this is the way we lead to a cleaner and greener future.

Our mission


We seek to provide high quality sustainable products for you causing no unnecessary harm to the environment. This is ensured not only when we showcase the final product, but the cycle starts all the way from when the seeds are sown, the plant is ripe to source our raw materials, the supply chain and finally when the material reaches the artisan for production.There is a system of checks, tests and high standards of sustainability have to be met at each step of the cycle before any piece of thread or material reaches us.


We aim to be an engine of transparency that encourages and implements sustainability. When we claim a product is sustainable, we hope to take the consumer on a journey we find absolutely spectacular - from the seed, to the culmination of a revolutionary sustainable material, to the appreciation by an artisan and final purchase of the product, we aspire for 100% transparency to ensure sustainability in each step, all the way.