Sharing Goodwill & Love

Green Hermitage x The Kai Rãssi Foundation

Green Hermitage collaborated with the Kai Rãssi foundation, a non-profit organization, for a series of workshops based on “Nature” as a theme. About 80 girls and 20 boys attended and the results were some beautiful and unique pieces of art on our Thank you Notes. The many young girls and boys from underprivileged communities are able to explore their artistic abilities and through the foundation's efforts, are able to gain a platform where they can showcase their art or even pursue it as a career.
You can learn more about the foundation at

The Oreo-Sniper Welfare Fund

We are a very animal-friendly team of people and believe that animals are also an important part of the natural ecosystem. Therefore, a part of the proceeds of our products, go towards our fund, named after two adopted dogs who were a part of our team members families - The Oreo-Sniper Animal Rescue Fund. The face of the fund is "Max" and through this fund we hope to reach out to animal aid organizations and be able to support as many rescue and adoption efforts as possible.
You can also reach out to us to contribute and know more about the fund by getting in touch with us directly at