Sustainable Fashion: Brands paving a way for conscious consumerism

Sustainable Fashion: Brands paving a way for conscious consumerism

by Gayatri Varun on Mar 28, 2024

Sustainable Fashion: Brands paving a way for conscious consumerism

Sustainable Fashion: Brands Making a Difference

The fashion industry is changing. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental and social impact of their clothing choices, and they're demanding better. This has led to a surge in sustainable and ethical brands prioritizing sustainability throughout their processes, from the materials they use to how they treat their workers.

This blog covers :

  1. Brands that are making a change
  2. Sustainable Fashion Around the World
  3. How to be a conscious consumer?
  4. Green Hermitage & Guilt Free Luxury

Brands that are making a change:

Here are some brands that have enabled a sense of sustainability in consumers and made them conscious of their choices:

Patagonia: Putting the Planet First

Patagonia has etched a solid reputation for itself as an attractive outdoor apparel brand leading in eco-friendly practices. They reuse the materials and believe in an ethical work culture, setting an example for the world that sustainability and business can go hand in hand. An impressive initiative taken by them lets you recycle or repair your old Patagonian gears. The new businesses can complement their activism towards the environment by joining the "1% for the Planet" venture.

TOMS: Giving Shoes, Giving Back

TOMS is a brand that goes beyond more than its pair of shoes. One of their innovative ways to include thought in their business is the "One for One," program - which means one pair of shoes donated to a child in need for every pair purchased. They also incorporate ecological materials into their production process and also work towards gun violence prevention.

Vaude: Climate-neutral since 2012

Vaude believes that outdoor gear and apparel for activities in nature like hiking, camping, and climbing should be sustainable. They are known for the commitment they have for the planet's welfare and for using sustainable production practices. They have been climate-neutral since 2012 and are also approved by Green Shape Label.

Sustainable Fashion Around the World

Sustainable fashion is gaining worldwide attention which has been made possible by the businesses that focus on the planet too and cater to it as a significant stakeholder. A few such fashion companies, that focus on sustainable solutions are:

Reistor (Italy): This eco-conscious brand uses recycled material and naturally dyed fibers to make products that are distinct and responsible.

No Nasties (India): A brand completely ethical producing ecologically friendly organic cotton apparel

The Summer House (India): The clothes are made with 100% organic handwoven fabric, thus reflecting the taste and style of the brand.

Sui (India): The stylish brand manufactures solely women's garments made out of organic cotton and hemp owing to ethical standards.

Plant-Faced Clothing (United Kingdom): A vegan brand, based on greener material, and producing eco-friendly clothes that are not just trendy, but green too.

Doodlage (India): Transforming waste from textiles into exceptional and environmentally conscious articles of clothing has contributed not only to a greater cause but also to a new fashion genre.

How to be a Conscious Consumer?

Through the purchase of sustainable ethically made products, you can strive to minimize the impact on our planet and utilize resources for a longer time and also help support traditional artisan communities to showcase their extraordinary skills in creating such products along with their livelihoods. Seeking brands that resort to recycled materials, organic cotton, and other green processes has never been easier since a lot of small businesses have either transitioned or are thinking about incorporating greener materials and processes into their businesses. Every customer should now be able to further try and understand the labor practices and approach to the social responsibility of the brands they would like to buy from and become a part of their commitment. By making smart choices, you can be part of a more sustainable and greener future.

Green Hermitage and Guilt-free Luxury

At Green Hermitage, we believe that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. We create beautiful purses and wallets from vegan leather, leveraging the traditional craftsmanship of artisan communities, the incredible finish, and slow fashion principles. Our products are not only stylish but also kind to the planet. So why not explore our range and see for yourself?




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