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The Evolution of Green Hermitage

by Gayatri Varun on Jan 17, 2023

The Evolution of Green Hermitage

Green Hermitage is a revolution in luxury handbags and accessories for women and men. A truly global brand that keeps empowerment, sustainability and transparency first. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best sustainable bag collection, so that they can find a perfect bag for all their unique needs. This article will go into the design and development of "Green Hermitage," a sustainable and conscious luxury brand.


Green Hermitage is a brand that has been created to meet the need of the hour - shift towards a more sustainable future. As the brand name suggests, we aim to bring global citizens closer to nature and to reconnect with the natural environment. Through our products we hope for you to embark on a journey where each thread and iota of your chosen bag or accessory enables you to reconnect with the spirit of nature and become one with its fabric. We show our gratitude towards mother nature by showcasing its grandeur through our products and making them everlasting statement pieces. 

A luxurious, minimal and conscious brand

With minimalism and luxury as our guiding principles our collection uses refined and structured silhouettes to bring out the aesthetics and its distinct features. Through this collection, we aim to not only minimize the negative effects, but to make a positive contribution to the surrounding environment as well. Our collection gives a glimpse into sustainability and how it could be incorporated in our daily lives. 

We as a team have started out on an overly ambitious aim to establish a brand that strives for maximum sustainability at all times. Every day, the team rises to transfer our processes to 100% sustainability while maintaining the handmade elegance of our goods. We try to create the best sustainable handbags in order to provide you with a sense of what luxury feels like when it is created in accordance with our natural environment. And, in the process, we are developing an ecosystem of "Partners in Sustainability," which includes our craftspeople, the people from whom we get our raw materials, and the processes we utilize as a brand to produce the most unique and environmentally-safe goods.

We believe in Empowerment , Sustainability and Transparency 

  1. The purpose of our brand is to inspire and empower people to lead the way to a more sustainable future and to drive good change. Not only are our consumers learning, developing, and expanding around new notions of sustainability, but so are our colleagues and artisans. New and emerging sustainable materials are making it possible for us to be more thankful to nature. This is difficult for our craftsmen and us at times, but by incorporating sustainable approaches into their workmanship, they rapidly see the benefits of sustainability and their increasing capabilities. We recognize that this is the only way to achieve a cleaner and greener future.
  2. We endeavour to provide you with elevated, sustainable products that do not destroy the environment. This is assured not only when we display the finished product, but also when the seeds are sowed, the plant is ready to obtain raw materials, the supply chain, and ultimately when the material reaches the artisan for manufacture. Before any thread or material reaches us, there is a system of inspections and testing in place, and rigorous criteria of sustainability must be fulfilled at each stage of the cycle.
  3. We aim to be a transparent brand that promotes and practises sustainability. When we claim a product is sustainable, we hope to take the customer on a spectacular journey - from the seed to the culmination of a revolutionary sustainable material, to the appreciation by an artisan and final purchase of the product, we aspire for 100% transparency to ensure sustainability in each step, all the way.

Green hermitage is all about environmental stewardship and slow fashion. Green Hermitage creates the most environmentally sustainable, minimal, and conscious bags that must be a part of every wardrobe. With our bags, you exude style. To learn more about us. Go to the webpage:

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