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How To Start A Sustainable And Ethical Wardrobe?

by Gayatri Varun on Aug 28, 2023

How To Start A Sustainable And Ethical Wardrobe?

It's no secret that the fashion industry has taken a toll on our environment, and we often find ourselves wondering how to transform our wardrobes into eco-friendly and ethical spaces. Embracing sustainability may seem daunting at first given the range of choices in the market, higher costs, lack of familiarity with new brands, and less trendy options, but it's definitely achievable. So, where do you begin? Let's dive straight into building that sustainable and ethical wardrobe of your dreams!

What is a Sustainable Wardrobe?

In simple terms, a sustainable wardrobe means reducing the environmental impact of your clothing choices. By investing in high-quality, timeless pieces, taking good care of your existing clothing, and utilising the majority of your wardrobe instead of just 20%, you're already making significant strides towards sustainability. It’s an easy process with meaningful results!

A truly loved and worn sustainable wardrobe adapts to all situations and is something you can take pride in. There are straightforward steps you can take today to start building that perfect ethical and eco-friendly closet. Let's focus on what you can do right now to dress sustainably.

Invest in Long-lasting Apparel

You've probably heard the saying "buy well or buy twice. This certainly holds true when it comes to fashion. The price tag on premium items may seem intimidating when compared to familiar high-street store alternatives for half the cost. However, keep in mind that less expensive options might not last as long. Recognising this will make it easier to justify spending a little more on a quality item, knowing that its value will endure. One could opt for creating a capsule wardrobe, which is a compact collection of versatile clothes designed to mix and match, covering everyday needs. It features a cohesive colour range, promoting easy outfit coordination and sustainable fashion.

So, resist the urge to buy that single-use statement piece; instead, invest in versatile items that offer multiple styling options and have staying power beyond fleeting trends. By focusing on durability and adaptability, you're well on your way to a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe.

Embrace a Fresh Shopping Mindset

Let's face it, acquiring new clothes and flaunting them can be exhilarating. However, opting for vintage finds or renting specific items for special occasions is a fantastic way to enjoy that fresh vibe without purchasing brand-new pieces. Clothes rentals are also an environmentally friendly alternative for updating your wardrobe. Sharing our closets and promoting a circular economy are significant steps towards a greener future, especially when you consider the 300,000 metric tonnes of unwanted clothing discarded annually instead of being recycled. Renting and thrifting in fashion offer eco-friendly choices that save money and reduce waste. Renting lets you experiment without commitment, while thrifting adds character and history to your wardrobe.

In simple terms, the circular economy is an economic system designed to reduce waste and optimise resource utilisation. It challenges the fashion industry's linear production process, which ultimately leads to clothes being dumped in landfills. By choosing rental platforms over buying something new every time, we reduce the amount of waste left to hurt our planet.

Embracing Minimalism for a Sustainable Wardrobe

Simplicity speaks volumes. Craft a sustainable wardrobe by deliberately selecting timeless pieces that blend versatility and durability. Embrace minimalism's essence, reducing clutter while elevating style and ultimately lessening environmental impact through thoughtful consumption. Choose fewer, better garments, each telling a meaningful story of conscious choices.

Uncover Your Go-To Ethical and Sustainable Brands

When you're familiar with your favourite sustainable and ethical clothing brands, shopping becomes effortless. If you're just starting your eco-friendly wardrobe journey, you might not know many green brands yet. Look for brands that resonate with you—they might support a cause or message that moves you or have a unique story or fashion sense that captivates you. Soon enough, your go-to favourites will be etched in your memory.

Searching for sustainable fashion options? Look no further. Introducing the sustainability champions: Patagonia, Pact Apparel, Tentree, Finisterre, and our very own Green Hermitage. With a special focus on crafting exquisite vegan leather goods, Green Hermitage joins the league of brands dedicated to Earth's brighter tomorrow. 

Make Friends with a Tailor or Acquire DIY Repair Skills

Donating garments or tossing them into textile recycling bins doesn't necessarily mean they'll be given a new life. Shockingly, many clothes we think we're recycling still end up in landfills. Don't be quick to discard items when they rip or when the heels break—learn how to mend them yourself, or even easier, find an expert to do it for you. Reconsider using damage as an excuse to shop anew. Cultivating a relationship with a reliable tailor can help you embrace sustainable fashion by giving worn-out items another chance.

Endless online resources are available to teach you how to sew, stitch, and breathe new life into tired clothes. Within a few hours of practice, you'll be amazed at your newfound skills! Who knows? You might even end up reimagining those hidden treasures tucked away at the back of your closet, making them shine like new.

Introducing The #30wears Campaign

We've all been in this situation: Should I buy this? Does it look good on me? Can I afford it? But how often do you stop and think about how many times you'll actually wear an item? This is a question everyone should ask themselves if they aim to cultivate an eco-friendly and ethical wardrobe.

Livia Firth, wife of actor Colin Firth, kickstarted the #30wears campaign back in 2016. This movement brings attention to a vital question you need to ask yourself before any purchase, fashion-related or otherwise: Can you confidently say you'll wear it at least 30 times? If yes, go for it! The campaign continues to gain strong support because its message remains highly relevant today. Being conscientious about your wardrobe choices doesn't mean you have to quit buying new clothes altogether; after all, everyone needs to refresh their wardrobe at some point. The essence of the #30wears challenge is to transform the way you approach shopping.

Eager to curate a more eco-conscious wardrobe or find accessories that complement your current collection? Start by assessing your style preferences and asking your personal stylist to look out for sustainable options in future fixes. Remember, we offer free shipping and returns on every fix, and all our packaging is made entirely from post-consumer recycled materials. With more and more brands adopting an environmental focus, dressing sustainably no longer means sacrificing quality, so let go of that notion and embrace the green side of fashion!

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